Our team member Marty, also founder of Loftyproperties and experienced property investor has written a comprehensive property investor pack, aimed to give you the knowledge to build your property portfolio from the ground up. For just £375, you receive 2 full courses, both online in PDF form and physical book form. 

Meet Marty- @lofty_properties

Guiding you through your property education journey is Marty McAuley of Lofty Properties. The serial-entreprenuer-entrepreneur founded Kaizen Print in 2011, growing it to 40+ employees and over £2,000,000 in turnover. Now going all in with property investment, Marty has grown his portfolio by 6 properties in the last 18 months with his portfolio value now worth in excess of £1,200,000. Marty is now dedicating his time to educating others to start their property investment journey and achieve financial freedom. 


Education is the foundation of successful investing. Our property investment courses and training programs are designed for investors at all stages, equipping you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Property investing involves significant sums of money, making it all the more crucial to be armed with accurate information. However, knowledge alone is not enough. Action is the bridge between learning and success. Many prospective investors learn but hesitate to take the first decisive step onto the property investing ladder. A strong support system can help you vet ideas, plan strategically, make informed decisions, and assess the viability of deals. With experienced associates by your side, the journey becomes smoother and more manageable.


For just £375 our property investing and education course will arm you with absolutely everything your need to know to get started in property. You will also receive a bonus course “What is required to start a business” which arms you with the basics required when starting any business in any market.

Property Investing Course

  • What a good property deal looks like
  • Important property investment rules
  • Types of distressed sellers and why we focus on them
  • How to find and fund a flip deal
  • How to stack up the figures on the flip deal
  • How to find a Buy To Let (BTL) deal
  • How to fund a BTL deal
  • How to stack up the figures on the BTL deal
  • List of approximate costs (plumbing, electrician, damp proof course, bathrooms, tilers etc)
  • Calculating ROI
  • Different standards of finish between a flip and BTL project
  • Power of following up on leads

Starting A Business Course

  • Figure your area of expertise and what will stand you out from the crowd, what’s your big idea?
  • Importance of a strong brand
  • Importance of creating a solid website to drive leads, convert sales and gain
  • Research your market and calculate start-up costs.
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Partnerships….accountants, suppliers, employees etc
  • The art of selling and delivering on your promises. Building trust and strong client relationships.
  • Scaling up your already established business=

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